Episode 64

Naruto: Sakura, I love you.

(wind blows)

Sakura: N-naruto?

Naruto: Sakura, I did ever since I saw you.

Sakura: Thank you.


(forest scene)

Jaijai: Come on Gin!

Gin: Wait. Someone is following us.

Himiwari: I won't let you get away!

Jaijai and Himiwari: Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!

Gin: Water Style: Water Wall!

Jaijai: Wind Style: Fierce Wind Blades

Himiwari: Dark Style: Darkness Spears 

Jaijai: Ahh!


Gin: Gotta go! Teleportation Jutsu!


(forest scene two)

Haku: I feel alive I don't feel reanimated. What is this?

Shimora: It is my revive technique. I use it to revive people not to reanimate them.

(Yūhi appears)

Yūhi: She needs to learn more things before she can follow. I mean he.

Haku: Huh?

Yūhi: Ice Style: Ultimate Dynamic Ice Mirror!

Haku: That's what you mean? Oh!

(valley of the end scene)

Gin: Valley of the End hmm? It looks nice.

Next time: Haku's Secret Training