Sakura: Sasuke said that he didn't need anymore help.

Kakashi: That's fine. You know what, tomorrow you can have a day off.

Hinata: Thanks!

(village scene)


Naruto: Hey Sakura!

Sakura: Huh? Naruto?

Naruto: I was wondering do you wanna go in a date?

Sakura: Just this once. Maybe we could go to the barbeque, the others are going also to celebrate.

Naruto: Huh? Celebrate?

Sakura: To celebrate Sasuke and his new village. What else?!

Naruto: Oh! That's right!

(barbeque scene)

Choji: Yummy!

Ino: Choji! 

Choji: Huh? Sorry I just can't help it!

Sakura: Hi!

Hinata: Oh Naruto. H-hi!

Naruto: Oh hey Hinata!

Ino: What took you so long? Were you trying to get to look pretty? Because you just look even more uglier!

Sakura: I could say the same about you, Inopig!

Ino: Bilboard Brows!

Shikamaru: Their rivalry still hasn't ended and I don't think it ever will.

Sai: Oh, I heard you were celebrating Sasuke's new village I thought i would come by!

Ino: Oh! You can sit next to me! Move!

Shikamaru: Hey! Girls you just can't understand them!

Ino: What did you say!

Sakura: Hehe Inopig!

Choji: Can we eat now?

Shikamaru: Sure, in fact, here have mines Choji I'm not that hungry anyways.

Choji: Thanks Shikamaru!

Ino: Choji!

(village scene) 

Naruto: *Yawns* Man, I'm tired!

Sakura: Hmm? Remember our date?

Naruto: Oh that's right! 

Sakura: Well, it was fun. Bye.

Naruto: Bye.

Hinata: N-n-naruto? H-hi.

Naruto: Oh hi again Hinata!

Hinata: T-tonight was fun? Right?

Naruto: Yeah, i guess so!

End of script