The original episode was called "For my Best friend" but it says that "For my love and my friend" was the episode, so don't rename the page.

Episode 350 script

Sakura: Naruto, come on!

Naruto: Wait, but why do we have to walk so far?

Sasuke: Oh, hi Ochimaru is coming to help us they just need to prepare. What are you guys doing?

Sakura: We were trying to find Konoha because we got a letter that we need to come back for awhile not you Sasuke because you can stay with Ochimaru.

Sasuke: Then we will just wait for Shimora to come back.

Naruto: Okay.

(hidden leaf scene)

Sakura: Hi we're back!

Kakashi: Oh, welcome back.

Naruto: We got some information about the group.

Kakashi: Okay.

(gives letter)

Kakashi: Thank you.

Sakura: We'll be going now.

(forest scene five)

Sasuke: Hmmm. This is it.

Karin: It's small but it will do.

Sasuke: Okay.

(opens door)

(walks in)

(closes door)

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