Episode Two

Naruto and the others decice to follow her. They find out that she is from the Village Hidden in the Light. They also find out the village has something to do with The Sage of The Six Paths. They want to get more information but are later confronted by the girl they were following. She says her name is Karui and that they must leave or she will tell the village. They say that they had a mission anyways so they will be going and that there mission was to help someone with building a new village not to spy on this village since they doeven kniw what this village is. Her only response is that is why they must leave, because no one knows about their village. So they leave. The sun starts to set and they surprisingly find a home with no one in it. There is also a sign that says, this home is for people who need a place to stay when it gets dark. Please do not claim or i will come since it's my house! Sakura says, Huh?!

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