Hikarigakure(literally give me the light, hikari no mura literally meaning light village 光の村) is a village that no one even ever knew about since it was created before even Kayuga Ōtsatsuki was created. This village is literally a hidden village since it is so hard to find. It's neighboring village, dākugakure, has the Six Paths Yin symbol while this village has the Six Paths Yang symbol.


We currently do not have a picture of the village but we know how it will look like. As you enter, it looks like The Hidden Leaf, but instead there is no Hokekage rock and the symbol is the Six Paths Yang. The buildings are light grey and forests surrounds the village. There really isn't much detail to it.


Most of the villagers specialize in Toad Sage while others have the Sharigan, Rinnegan, Tenseigan, or Byakugan. Most people would think the strongest one to have is Tenseigan, exept Tenseigan is weak against Sage Jutsus. 


  • Hikarigakure means give me the light while give me you light means watashi ni hikari o ataemasu
  • The kekkei genkais are here because the village was created by Madoki Sato, whom was actually the first wielder of chakra.