Hizuki is a boy who is introduced in the blank period between Naruto Shippuden and Naruto Legacy. He also appears in Naruto Legacy and many others.


Hizuki has sandy brown hair and brown eyes. His hair is brushed to the side and spiky like Sasuke's.

In Naruto Legacy, Hizuki has on a white shirt with elbow length sleeves, black knee shorts, blue calf length sandals, and a Konoha forehead protector on his head. After the Chunin Exams, he has on a pastel yellow short sleeved shirt, dark green shorts, black calf length sandals, a black jacket, and his forehead protector is around his neck.

In Naruto: Final Bonds, he has on a black long sleeved shirt showing his stomach with a white short sleeved shirt under it to hide his stomach, black pants that are a little under his knees, black sandals, and dark grey fingerless gloves.

In Naruto: Road to Mastery, he is wearing an outfit similar to his Final Bonds outfit except he has a white short sleeved shirt, grey shorts, black knee protecters, black sandals, and no gloves. His hair is also spiky and but not brushed to the side making his hair style look like a brown haired Naruto!



Hizuki can seal and heal. His mother, a medic, has the Hundred Healings Seal and his father, a sealer, can do almost every sealing jutsu.

Chakra Natures

His chakra natures are Earth, Water, and Fire. His Earth Style jutsu is Earth Style: Boulder Barrage. His water one is Water Style: Million Water Pistols. For fire it's Fire Style: Double Fire Hill.


He is not good at genjutsu. But he is good at extinguish the genjutsu.


His taijutsu skills are, well, meh. As in, not that good, but good, just not that good. But still useful!



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