(grabes Kunai)

(Kunai's clinging)

(throws Kunai)

Kamai: Do you remember? The day we first met?

Zamui: Of course.


Kamai: Daddy! Come on we will be late and I won't be able to go to the Academy!

Fagasha: Okay okay!

Kamai: Yay!

Zamui: Hi!

Kamai: Hi!

(back to present)

Zamui: But those days are gone now!

(grabs Kunai)

Both: Argh! 


(stabs each other in the heart)

(both smiles)

Both: I'm sorry.


Kamai: Zamui! Just come back please! 

Zamui: Never!

Kamai: Z-zamui?

(single tears falls down cheeks)

Zamui: Fire Style: Flame Pillar!

Kamai: Water Style: Mouth of the Serpent!

Zamui: Fire Style: Burning Fiery Ash!

Kamai: Lighting Style: Spark Speared Sky!


(back to present)

Next Time: The Last Stance 


  • Kamai and Zamui both loved each other and cared deeply for each other that's why Zamui was so determined to kill her.
  • Some relationships are just that complicated I mean like people would comment saying, IKR