Kasina has dark purple hair and peach skin. She has coral eyes and later awaken her 100 Healings Seal. She usually has her headband around her neck.

Kasina in part two had black elbow protecters, a purple sleeveless shirt, black shorts, black boots, her was long and kept in a ponytail, and a blue cloth headband.

In Naruto: Final Bonds, she has a black sleeveless shirt that had the Ōtsatsuki clan symbol on the back of her shirt. Her apron skirt's colour was the same as her eyes. She also wore dark purple tights, fishnet elbow protecters, a black cloth headband, black sandals that went a little above her calf.

Part Two

Returning From Training 

While Naruto and Sasuke were headed to Konoha, Kasina appeared and greeting them later saying that if they don't leave, something will attack. Of course, Sasuke considered killing her until she said she wasn't going to attack but something that can defeat both him and Naruto easily. She also said if they don't wanna die from it, team with her because her village sent her and her teammates to get rid of it, but her teammates left because her sensei got killed and her sensei was very skilled.

The monster that attacked her village had appeared and had twelve heads. It was called The Ender Beast. It was actually Eleven-tails and each of its heads represents a tail. Its real head was the last one on the right meaning that it had twelve heads because eleven of the twelve were tails.  

The tailed beast retreated and Sasuke and Naruto bid farewell, though Naruto said that she could join them but she refused.

Eleven-tails Strikes, at last!

Once Kasina had found out that the Eleven-tails was on a rampage through the Hidden Leaf, she quickly rushed there, after getting loose from the grip of her teammate trying to stop her from going.

When she got there, she teleported(no one can teleport when in her village so no one could escape)on one of its heads and stab it with her Momo Kunai. She later jumps down and reveals two scrolls. One a Light scroll and the other a Dark scroll. She uses them to attack the beast. 

Mirisaka appeared and explained that she was allowed to use teleportation to help seal the beast(since she was good at sealing.) Naruto and the others later appeared and attacked giving Mirisaka enough time to seal it. But before she has a chance to, it teleported somewhere else. Mirisaka teleported though Kasina stayed.

My Love

She attended Sakura and Naruto's wedding.

Naruto: Final Bonds

Kasina is teamed with Temari, Choji, and Jugo. She fights Zekuna and Furostachi. She wins both battles. She manages to not get caught in the genjutsu. 

When Drajigo appears, Naruto, the other Jiinchuriki, Sora, her, and Gaara fight it. They manage to seal it with the help of Jubi.