Kurama(Kyūbinokitsune literally meaning Nine-tails fox, Anba literally meaning Kurama) is the Nine-tails Demon Fox. It is also known in Japanese as Kyūbi(Nine-tails). 

Part l

In part one, Kurama appeared to be attacking Konoha on episode one, Enter Naruto Uzumaki. He also appeared many other times when giving Naruto chakra. He mostly appeared when giving Naruto chakra.

Part ll

In part two, he made appearances many times and during the Fourth Shinobi War, he actually had appeared to be Naruto transformed into him since Naruto had only half of the Nine-tails sealed in him. While Naruto had one half, Sora had the other. Sora makes an appearance in the Gaurdain Shinobi Twelve arc. 

Part lll

In part three, Kurama is shown staying with Naruto. He is barely even shown in part three so there really ain't much to say.

Part lV

In part four, Kurama is shown to be out of Naruto because Kurama got sealed in Sora in order to save him. So Sora became the new Jiinchuriki and was able to use Jiinchuriki transformation and control Kurama as well, since Jiinchuriki transformation requires control over you tailed beast.


Kurama has Nine orange tails and the tip of his tails are white. His skin is oange. He has sharp teeth and long claws. When he was little, he looked so cute and had only four of his tails. His teeth weren't that sharp back then. When Naruto transformed into him, his body and the rest of him were yellowish orangish chakra. He also had black stripes on his tails.


Kurama is considered the most powerfulest of the nine tailed beasts. Gyuki said not to do it by tails thinking that he is stronger than Kurama. But Kurama happens to be the strongest. Kurama's tailed beast ball is very similar to the Jubi's except his one is a little smaller than Jubi's tailed beast ball. BTW, Jubi is the Ten-Tails.


  • Is the Nine-tails stronger then Jubi? The world may never know. I think Jubi is stronger but not stronger than all Nine Tailed Beasts but he is stronger than Kurama, since Kurama is his creation.
  • All tailed beasts combined create the Ten-Tails or maybe something stronger I don't really know.
  • Kurama is said to have Minato, Obito, and Hagoromo as the Jiinchuriki, but they weren't his original Jiinchuriki, since Hagoromo just created them he is not a Jiinchuriki.
  • Is he stronger than all eight tailed beasts combined? No he is not although he is the strongest