Kusanagi Koro(草薙コロ Kusanagi koro) is a character from Naruto:Legacy who appears in episode one.


Kusangi has fair skin and light orange shoulder length hair. When working as a nurse, she has the regular nurse attire and puts her hair in a ponytail.

Kusangi wears thigh length black stockings, a beige long sleeved shirt, white calf length sandals, a black cloth headband, and a medical pouch.

In Naruto: Final Bonds, she has a flak jacket, knee length black pants, a dark purple shirt under her flak jacket, and black calf length sandals. Her hair is a bit shorter reaching up about to her chin.

During the blank period, she has a knee length beige kimono with mini Konoha patterns on the bottom, black pants, black high heels, a red cloth headband, and black gloves. Her hair is now shoulder length again.


Kusangi is usually hyperactive and impatient. She is also nice and sometimes a bit mean. Her personality is very well, I don't know! She also likes bragging like when she told Sasuke his katana, Kusangi, was named after her, but then she said she was actually named after his katana. She got put in class with Neji, Tenten, and Lee. She later got teamed with Shiroki and Ganimi under Kirlia Yuhi. When the Fifth Shinobi War started, she was put on the medical division with Sakura, Ino, Karin, Ginari, and Shishin.


Kusangi had no parents and stayed with her aunty and cousin though she later went on like Naruto did except no pranks and all that other kind stuff.

Naruto: Final Bonds

War Ends

Kusangi welcomes Naruto and the others back and introduces herself. She later goes back to the hospital with Sakura and Ino to tend to the wounded.


Kusangi is going on mission with her team, Hanabi, Tenten, and Ino. They later run into Araziki and his team. They say that they'll be back in about six months or maybe even a year! Kusangi and her team fight them, but they disappear before anyone can land an attack.