Two and a half years after the Fourth Shinobi War ended, Kakashi became the Hokekage, Sasuke started his own village called Yorugakure, the Fifth Shinobi War is about to start, and a organization called Yumi Sato have declared the war. 

Episode One: Hidden in the Light

Kakashi sends Team Naruto, Team Sakura, Team Hinata, and Team Shino on a mission to help Sasuke with building his village. On the way there, they see someone and see there headband but couldn't tell what village they were from. It had a sun symbol. So Naruto used his Shadow Clones to follow her. She later defeated his clones which took Naruto and the others by suprise. So they decided to ask her where she is from, but she declined and said that they can tell by her headband. They said they never heard of a village called taiyōgakure. She said i pt doesn't exist and that she is from another village taiyōgakure was destroyed. Then she took off.

Preview of episode two: Hikarigakure 

Naruto and the others find out about Hikarigakure and they investigate, but are later found by the villagers. 

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