Naruto Hiden: Wind: Sakura Haruno 

After returning from war, Naruto and Sakura went on a walk through the village to talk. There, Naruto was planning on telling Sakura his true feelings for her but got a little nervous. He finally decided to tell her when she asked him what was wrong. She said that she accepted his feelings. They later went on a date. One year later, they got Mar, had a child, and live happily.


Random Konoha Villager: Welcome back! We are so glad you're okay, wait, S-s-sasuke, Uchiha?

Sasuke: Hi.

Sakura: *Laughs nervously*

Naruto: Uhh....he decided to help us after all!

Kusangi: Well then, hi I'm Kusangi. Anyways, welcome back!

Tsunade: *Yells* I have an announcement! I am no longer Hokage!

Sakura: Huh?!

Naruto: *Speaks Softly* Can we talk?

Sakura: Okay?

Sorry, but that's all! 😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂