Ninja Showdown (忍者対決 Ninja no taiketsu) was the 10th arc for Ninja's Way: Legacy.


Naruto decided to hold a competition to see who of the Konoha 15 (Konoha 15?) is better. The first round was sensory, Karin vs Hinata. Karin, of course, won. Second round, medical. Sakura vs Ino. Sakura won of course. Third round, smartness. Shikamaru vs Sasuke. Shikamaru and Sasuke were tied but Sasuke won because he was stronger than Shikamaru. Fourth round, ninjutsu. Naruto vs Sanmura. Naruto won. Fifth round, tracking. Kiba vs Shino. Kiba won. Sixth round, looks (wat?!). Karin vs Sakura. No one won because they decided not to do that round right now.