Power of the Light is episode 347 of Part Four. If you are looking for episode 347 of Part Three, then visit the link.

Episode 347-Power of the Light

Karui teaches them more about Light Style and shows them a jutsu called Light Style: Burning Twin Suns which creates a ball colored similarly to the sun and she said that it burns as hot as the sun does. She also said that you can learn it even though you don't have light style. Naruto tries but can't do it. The sun was about to set so they went back inside. The next morning, someone appears while Karui is at the village.

Preview: The unwelcomed visitor

The village disappears and recotes so Karui told them she will be back in about five days. And the person outside happened to be Haku and Shiroshi. Haku greets them and Naruto askes Haku what happened. He said, Well, I don't really know.


  • Shiroshi was still in the Yūmi Satō at the time but(spoiler alert!) in the next episode she leaves.
  • Light Style: Burning Suns was the actual one she did while Twin Burning Suns was used in the war.