Rasendori is a jutsu that is used by lightning and wind style users. Although, wind style userusers can't all use Rasengan, but Karui managed to do Rasengan and Chidori at the ssame time creating Rasendori. She named it that because the name was Rasengan and Chidori combined to create Rasendori.

Chakra Use

This jutsu doesn't take up much Chakra it depends on how much you have really. Usually when Rasengan and Chidori are put hit each other, they create something like what had happened at the Valley of the End. Somehow Karui managed to do without any problems.


  • Karui 
  • Madoki Sato 
  • Yūhi Sato
  • Yūki Sato 
  • Yama Momo
  • Jaijai Momo
  • Saduna Uchiha


  • Rasengan is rare and Chidori ain't
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