Sakura Hidden: The spring cherry blossom 

Chapter One

It's winter and Sakura lays in her bed thinking about Naruto and Sasuke and when they will come back. Naruto and Sasuke are in a war against the Yūmi Satō and Sakura had to stay because she had to watch her child. So she went to check on how Karin was doing(Karin had a child as well). Karin was doing fine but insisted that Sakura stay, so she did stay. 

Chapter Two

Sakura goes back to her home after the sun sets. She finds a letter under the bed its said: 

"Dear Sakura, 

I love you and always have, but if being with Sasuke makes you happy, then that's fine as long as you're happy.


Sakura then folds it and puts it in her drawer. Her child, Sarada, tells her that she said omce it's spring, she will get to go to the Academy, and that spring is almost here in two weeks.

Chapter Three

One week has passed and both Sakura and Karin enrolled their children in the Academy, which they will go to in one week. In the meantime, Karin's daughter, Kama, and Sakura's daughter, Sarada, become friends. 

Chapter Four

Spring is here and Kama and Sarada go to the Academy.