Sankara Hidden: The Big Sandstorm(サンカラ隠し:ビッグ砂嵐 Sankara' kakushi: Biggu sunaarashi) is a novel about Sankara.

Sankara Hidden: The Big Sandstorm 

Chapter One 

Sankara is staying at Suna for a bit and decides to walk through the village and see how it looks. While she is walking, she decides to train. She practices her Magnet Style but can't seem to get it right.

Chapter Two

The sun is starting to set and Sankara forgot to prepare for the journey back to Konoha so she quickly rushes back inside and gets her things ready. The next morning she starts her journey back to Konoha.

Chapter Three 

While she is walking, she ends up lost and finds out she is in the Demon Desert where her mother and father met and also where the second exams for the Chūnin Exams was held. It is also where her mother died right after the exams since the exams were cancelled after the coup d'etat.

Chapter Four

While she was trying to find a way out, a giant sandstorm accurred. She used her sand style only to make it stronger.

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