Chapter One: Yugito Nii

Yugito was made the Two-tails jiinchuriki when she was only two. She knows Killer Bee quite well and cares deeply about her comrades. It is shown that her and Killer Bee are put on a mission together to not go anywhere alone unless in the village because the Akatsuki. Yugito is on a mission with her Team but her teammates are later killed by Kakazu and Hiden whom manage to capture in return Kakazu lost four of his hearts and needed to get four more hearts.

Chapter Two: Yagura

Yagura was elected Fourth Mizukage at a very young age and at the time, he was being controlled by the real Madara Uchiha which is later revealed when Madara told Obito that he was controlling Yagura and made Kakashi kill Rin so that Obito would chose the path of darkness.

Chapter Three: Rōshi 

Rōshi became the Four-tails jiinchuriki at a young age like other jiinchurikis except he had been with Son Goku for over forty years and though he knew the name of his tailed beast, he never called him Son Goku. When he was defeated by the Akatsuki, he said to Son Goku that he had never forgotten his name.

Chapter Four: Han

Han became the jiinchuriki of the Five-tails when he was a infant. He is truly kind to others and can control his tailed beast.

Chapter Five: Utakata

Utakata became the Six-tails jiinchuriki when he was an infant. He had a close relationship with his sensei, but later killed him because he thought that his sensei was trying to kill both him and his tailed beast. He escapes the village and is known as a Rouge Ninja. He later meets Hotaru whom calls him master, but he doesn't like being called that because he called his sensei master. Whenhe first met Naruto, they were fighting. At the time, Utakata didn't know that Naruto was a jiinchuriki until they saved Hotaru from the leader of the Mist Anbu. He and Hotaru later had a close relationship and he was killed by Pain and Konan.

Chapter Six: Fuu 

Fuu grew up lonely like other jiinchuriki. The village leader, Shibuki, told Fuu that she was special and encouraged her to make 100 friends even though she was a jiinchuriki. During the Chūnin Exams, she made friends with Gaara, Misatu and her team. Shibuki always made sure Fuu was safe and even once got hit by five shurikens because they were about to hit her. After the Chūnin Exams, Fuu and her team got killed by Hiden and Kakazu. Madara had said that no one in her village cared that she was dead, although we are not sure if Shibuki sent teams to find Fuu or not.

Chapter Seven: The Final Chapter 

All ten jiinchuriki including Naruto, Sora, Gaara, and Killer Bee along withthe captured jiinchuriki appeared since the dead jiinchuriki were later revived.