Tasaka Nizamaki (田坂波風 Tasaka namikaze) is a character from the Namikaze clan. She was first introduced in Naruto: Final Bonds.

Relations to Naruto 

Tasaka and Naruto are not related other than having the same clan. She is however Minato's cousin and is about Naruto's age.


Tasaka has wavy, red chin length hair and fair skin. Her eyes are crystal blue.

In Naruto: Final Bonds, Tasaka's outfit consists of a tan kimono with a red flame design on the bottom and the Namikaze crest on the back, black gloves, and black sandals.

In The End: Naruto the movie, she has on a dark grey long sleeved shirt, the Konoha flak jacket, dark green pants, and black sandals. She also is not wearing her gloves.

In Naruto: Sankara and the Legend Revived, she has a black shirt one sleeve is long and the other sleeve is made of fishnet, a pastel yellow apron skirt, white sandals, and the Konoha headband around her neck.

In Naruto Legacy, she has a purple long sleeved dress that goes around her thighs, black tights, white sandals, and her hair was reaching to her elbows.



  • Boil Style: Surrounding Mist
  • Dark Style: Eleven Barriers Seal
  • Fire Style: Great Fire Wall
  • Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu 
  • Fire Style: Fire Pillar
  • Shadow Cast
  • Shadow Style: Hidden Shadows
  • Sage Art: Triple Rasen Shuriken
  • Sage Art: Toad Oil Flame Bomb
  • Tasa Barrage 
  • Wind Style: Tornado Barrage
  • Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken
  • Water Style: Five Hungry Sharks
  • Water Style: Water Barrier


  • Shadow Cast
  • Dark Style


  • Shadow Wolf
  • Tasa Barrage


  • Sage Mode

Hidden in the Shadows

Tasaka is the main character of a Naruto fanfic called, Hidden in the Shadows. This is how we got the idea of making her an actual character!


  • Tasaka is a main character now because she is related to Naruto.