Team Karin(チームカリン Chīmukarin)is a team that is under control of Karin, the team's leader.


Team Karin specializes in sealing and sensory. 

  • Yasashī is good at medical and sensory 
  • Fugaami is good at sealing 
  • Karin is good at sensory, sealing, and medical 
  • Hiyachi is good at sealing

Signature Jutsus

  • Karin: Attacking Chains
  • Yasashī:
  • Fugaami: Magnet Style: Black Sand Dragon
  • Hiyachi: Dynamic Sealing Technique 


  • NWLFB1 stands for Ninja's Way Legacy Final Battle 1
  • Team Karin makes a slight appearance at Kusagakure.