Thsi episode was previewed though had no trivia, so consider the previous episode special.

Episode 349 script

Sakura: Naruto, I saw Haku and another girl named Shiroshi while i was getting medical herbs. Shiroshi seemed to be a medical-nin like me.

Naruto: Haku?!

Sakura: Well, anyways i got the medical herbs so.

Naruto: Oh yeah, okay.

(heals Sasuke)

Sasuke: Thanks. Well, I will tell Ochimaru since, I know he will help.

Sakura: Okay.

(forest scene one)

Karin: Where is it?

Sasuke: Karin.

Karin: I knew I sensed you. Ochimaru moved and I'm waiting until I sense him.

Sasuke: Then I might as well walk with you.

Karin: Oh, okay.


(Ochimaru's hideout)

Suigestu: Why does Karin always take so long?

Ochimaru: It's because her sensory doesn't sense this far.

Jugo: Suigestu, you should know that.

Suigestu: Well, I forgot.

Karin: Lier, you keep saying that because you don't even care!

Ochimaru: Sasuke, what are you doing here?

Sasuke: I need help with something that includes a group called Yūmi Satō. 

Ochimaru: Hmm. Okay since, we have barely anything to do.

Sasuke: Thanks.

(forest scene two)

Fuu: Huh? Why do I feel alive and not reanimated?

Haku: It's because you are alive.

Utakata: Huh? Last time I remember being alive was fighting Naruto because of the reanimation, which I didn't want to do anyways.

Haku: Naruto? I remember him!

Shiroshi: Are you kidding me!

All: What do you mean?

Shiroshi: Summoning Jutsu!

(Sora appears)

Sora: Huh?

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