Tonata Hyūga(ひな日向 Hina hinata) is the daughter of Toneri and Hinata Ōtsatsuki. She is also Sanam Haruno's teammate on Team Sasuke.


Tonata has pale light blue long hair that she usually puts in a braid or ponytail. Her eyes are emerald green and her face resembles that of her father and also smooth and light coloured skin looks her father as well.

In Ninja's Way her outfit consists of a purple waist length kimono tied with a dark purple obi, black calf length sandals, black shorts, black wrist length fingerless gloves, and fishnet stockings.

In Ninja's Way: Legacy she is wearing a purple long sleeved shirt, a white skirt, fishnet tights, black high heels, and a medical pouch. She also awakens her Byakugan.

In Naruto: Final Bonds, she has a black and white knee length kimono, black boots, and a medical pouch. During Hanabi and Izachi's wedding she has a white short sleeved knee length dress, black high heels, and fingerless fishnet gloves


Tonata is kind and sweet like her mother and brave and strong like her father. Some traits she has don't come from her parents but her friends. Her traits: niceness, bravery, courage, inspiring, strong, and love. 

Her crush is Sarika Uchiha, son of Sasuke and Karin Uchiha. They later get teamed up with Nasaku Haruno whom likes her. On their first mission she uses Lightning Style: Electromagnetic Murder to defeat the enemy, unfortunately Kirisa Nama, Kusangi, their sensei's, cousin. Her and the rest of her teammates retreat.



Tonata is able to use Lightning Style and Water Style during the Chunin Exams. She is able to use Lightning Style while still in the Academy and learned Water Style while training for the preliminary for the Chunin Exams.


She awakens her Byakugan after the Chunin Exams. It later evolved into Tenseigan in Naruto: Final Bonds. She obtains Sharingan as well because she lost her right eye and the Sharingan replaced it allowing her to create Tensei Sharingan.


Tonata had a normal childhood. She is ranked one of the top in her class, second place, first place is....... KAMIYAMA HOTURA!!!!!!! Whom she rivals with.