The Yūmi Sato(由美佐藤 Yumi Satō) is an organization that kills strong and powerful ninja to get DNA from them to get stronger so that they could take over the world and live forever.


Yūki Sato - Leader

Bankai Himimato - Co-leader 

Himiwari - Medical / killed by Gin

Shirunato - Medical and Sensory 

Igazi Motomishi - Member / killed by Zagashi 

Funamaga - Attack Leader

Gin Arachi - Ex-member

Dato Gamazin - Kicked Member / Killed by Kanmato 

Chokama Gamazin - Killed by Himiwari 

Kanmato - Killed by Chokama 

Jin - Killed by Gin

Jaijai Momo - Ex-member / thought to be killed by Himiwari for leaving but is still alive

Dojihi Arachi - Ex-member/ killed by Dato

Gakaki - Ex-member/ killed by Shirunato 

Shirasha - Ex-member/ killed Ex-leader

Madama - Ex-leader/ killed by Shirasha 

Kamai - Ex-member/ killed by Zamui

Zamui - Sensory Leader / killed by Kamai

Killed Members 

Other members kill each like how Kakazu kills every partner he has except Hidan since both him and Hidan is immortal. Members are allowed to kill each other and some even say that they were killed by the enemy! 


Most Ex-members are killed because they have information on the group. Kamai and Zamui had a complicated past together and stabbed each other with a Kunai Knife in the heart and both died together. Check episode 98 Kamai and Zamui for more info.