Episode 25 Yumi Sato

The Yumi Sato group has finally made an appearance! Naruto and Shimora are confronted by a group who calls themselves, Yumi Sato . Their leader, Yūki Sato , told them to retreat since they have no intention of fighting they were just spying. So they retreat. They later meet up with the others and decide not to tell them what had happened to make them take so long. Sakura asks, Naruto, Why not? His only response is they got a little lost.

Preview: Sakura and Naruto: Chapter One

They return to Konoha and tell Kakashi that Sasuke didn't need any help because he had found people who wanted to help. Kakashi tells them that the have a day off. Naruto asks Sakura on a date and she says only this once.